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If you are interested in safer local streets for people so they have priority rather than cars; if having more convenient and healthier transport options prioritised by authorities appeals to you; if you’d like a healthy and environmentally friendly community, then you’ve come to the right website.

That’s what WATAG is trying to achieve.

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WATAG promotes Active Transport

Here’s just one good reason why. Health, Safety and Convenience are perhaps even more important.

Total cost to society per commute – Coburg to Melbourne CBD

Source: Deloitte Access Economics
The Age 21 Sep 2018 reports that Deloitte Access Economics research…
“modelled a journey from Coburg to Flinders Street Station via car, train and bicycle and found – after taking traffic congestion, accidents and other impacts into consideration – that the car trip costs society nearly twice as much as the train trip, and 19 times more than riding a bike.”
Not much more to be said really… the conclusions are obvious.


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Active Whitehorse News – Special Box Hill Edition

The Chen symbolises peoples view of Box Hill’s future.

Change anyone……or why WATAG exists!

We can all think of things we’d like to have changed.

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