Notice of AGM

The Annual General Meeting of Whitehorse Active Transport Action Group will be held on Tuesday 9th October 2018 at 7:30pm at the Blackburn Bowls Club, 65 Pakenham St, Blackburn VIC 3130. WATAG Members are entitled to vote at the meeting, but Friends, Supporters and interested members of the public are welcome to attend.

The AGM will be followed by a normal monthly Committee meeting.

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Development MapBox Hill’s Future – a Pictorial View

What’s approved, under construction, planned, or just in the pipeline for Box Hill.
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Active Transport – What is it?*

Active transport refers to any form of human-powered transportation – walking, cycling, using a wheelchair¹ or even in-line skating or skateboarding.
(*Definition adapted from the Public Health Agency of Canada)
¹Note: We include private mobility carts used instead of a wheelchair to enhance mobility.

handyman cyclist

Bruce Horsburgh B.App.Sc.(Hort)
Mob: 0435 094 876

There are many ways to engage in active transportation, whether it is walking to the bus stop or train, cycling to school to work or to the shops, or going by wheelchair or mobility cart to the library or to visit a friend.

You can even run your business on a bike!
Bruce Horsburgh of Blackburn North runs a Gardening business and can often be seen on the Koonung Creek Trail or around Whitehorse, Balwyn, Kew and Canterbury traveling to his clients.
That’s very Active Transport for a very active Active job!

What are the benefits?
There are many reasons to encourage people to use active  transport rather than a car.

  • Health – Active transport provides an opportunity to be physically active on a regular basis.
  • Social – Active transport is accessible to virtually everyone and increases social interactions.
  • Convenience – Active transport reduces road congestion and increases road safety, and encourages people to use public transport
  • Environmental – Active transport and associated public transport use is environmentally-friendly and can contribute to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Economic – Active transport saves personal money on fuel and parking, and reduces the need for expensive additional public expenditure on road infrastructure for cars.

Why have an Action group?

In a few words … To achieve improved health and environmental sustainability

We believe this can be achieved by:

  • Promotion of safe participation in active transport for all people – walking, cycling and mobility travel
  •  Promotion and advocacy for greater access to, and use of, public transport for all people
  •  Promotion and encouragement of safe and respectful behaviour towards other transport users when ‘on the move’.

And by liaison with:

  • Relevant local, state and federal governments and authorities in relation to the planning and construction of active transport infrastructure for walking, cycling, accessibility and public transport connectivity.
  • Other like-minded groups to achieve the above outcomes.

Your interest or involvement?

WATAG Inc is a representative community group, so the interest and support of people like you is essential. Refer to About Us page for details of how WATAG Inc. is structured.