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Active Whitehorse News – August/September 2017

Cycling to work: major new study suggests health benefits are staggering

Research has consistently shown that people who are less physically active are…more likely to die younger…

Plus: Box Hill to Ringwood Shared use path through Laburnum…VicRoads plans,  and much more…read more

Active Whitehorse News – June/July 2017

Wombat Crossings save lives … LOTS of them!

In the April/May 2017 newsletter, WATAG suggested that Whitehorse should use of Wombat Crossings for pedestrians and cyclists to use, instead of the simple ramps recently installed…read more

Active Whitehorse News – April/May 2017

New Blackburn Creeklands Crossovers

Two new crossovers have been installed on the Gardiners Creek Trail at Pakenham St to link the Blackburn Creeklands shared paths in Kalang Park with Blacks Walk. One crossover for the northern path, and one for the southern path… read more

In the future…

Active Whitehorse News – October/November 2017