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Active Whitehorse News – February 2023

Active Whitehorse News – December 2022

Active Whitehorse News – October 2022

Active Whitehorse News – August 2022

Active Whitehorse News – June 2022

Active Whitehorse News – April 2022

Active Whitehorse News – January 2022

Active Whitehorse News – November 2021

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Active Whitehorse News – November/December 2019

Active Whitehorse News – September/October 2019

Active Whitehorse News – Special Box Hill Edition

Have your say about the future of Box Hill

Active Whitehorse News – May/June 2019

Active Whitehorse News – March/April 2019

Active Whitehorse News – January/February 2019

  • Safety myths
  • New Year resolutions for you
  • The standard response
  • Some thoughts on infrastructure
  • Who is it for?
  • Lessons learnt from Melbourne’s Sky Rail
  • If its not OK to walk it, why is it OK to cycle it?
  • Maximise opportunities when they arise
  • Good advice
  • A cycling Mecca?
  • Wombat crossings
  • NEL update
  • Can we do it?

Active Whitehorse News – November/December 2018

    • Walkable streets
    • One or more wheels!
    • Building strong communities
    • Road rage – the sad facts
    • Swapping seats – who can see who
    • Box Hill – Ringwood shared path
    • A Metre Matters
    • More traffic?
    • Bike helmets
    • NEL update

Active Whitehorse News – September/October 2018

  • Whitehorse Biketober…how you can join in.
  • The Happiest Children in the World
  • Box Hill- some ideas to make it great
  • Free Parking?
  • Why Walking & Cycling are Good for Business
  • Super Highways and Quietways
  • North East Link – the effect on Whitehorse
  • Snap Send Solve – now official
  • Spring Festival Whitehorse style
  • Keeping up-to-date with the news
  • Not so Fast – slow down in residential streets
  • A Biketober Film Festival

Active Whitehorse News – July/August 2018

  • More about exercise …and walking
  • Pedestrian road fatalities – what’s the reason?
  • Footpath riding – a law change in NSW
  • London pedestrians get the green light
  • What’s new at WATAG website?
  • Where is Box Hill headed?
  • Update on North East Link
  • Snap Send Solve bouquet

Active Whitehorse News – April/May 2018

  • Active Transport is great for your health
  • Cycling $$$ – what’s planned, and what should be allocated?
  • Pedestrian friendly city centres  – including Box Hill MAC
  • Getting around safely – across the kerbs and on shared paths
  • NELA – an update
  • Women and Active Transport
  • Sharrows are coming
  • and more….

Active Whitehorse News – February/March 2018

Active Transport in Whitehorse – Whitehorse City Council is holding the first Active Transport Forum aimed at making Active Transport an important part of the future of Whitehorse… Plus many links to some very thoughtful and informative web resources.

Active Whitehorse News – December’17/January 2018

2017 Active Transport Survey – WINNER announced.

North East Link information and how WATAG is putting a view forward. Institute of Traffic Engineers and RACV – views from the Presidents.

Active Whitehorse News – October/November 2017

2017 Active Transport Survey is now open.

WATAG has launched its online survey to get a wider community view about people’s present use of Active transport to travel to activities which are part of their everyday lives… Plus…an update on the Whitehorse Health and Wellbeing plan, VicRoads excellent proposals to upgrade three major corridors for walking and cycling. And more…

Active Whitehorse News – August/September 2017

Cycling to work: major new study suggests health benefits are staggering

Research has consistently shown that people who are less physically active are…more likely to die younger… Plus: Box Hill to Ringwood Shared use path through Laburnum…VicRoads plans,  and much more…read more

Active Whitehorse News – June/July 2017

Wombat Crossings save lives … LOTS of them!

In the April/May 2017 newsletter, WATAG suggested that Whitehorse should use of Wombat Crossings for pedestrians and cyclists to use, instead of the simple ramps recently installed…read more

Active Whitehorse News – April/May 2017

New Blackburn Creeklands Crossovers

Two new crossovers have been installed on the Gardiners Creek Trail at Pakenham St to link the Blackburn Creeklands shared paths in Kalang Park with Blacks Walk. One crossover for the northern path, and one for the southern path… read more