Active Actions

WATAG’s aims seem simple – but to achieve them means consideration of a wide range of ideas and proposals put forward by Government, Council and the community.

For ease of reference, matters of interest have been grouped into broad categories. Please browse around to find articles, reports and issues which are of interest to you.

  • Activity and Health – links to research and reports on how activity benefits health.
  • Activity, Safety and the Law – links to research and reports on safety with particular reference to bicycles on roads such as  1 Metre Matters, and links to road rules and other law related sites.
  • Encouraging activity – reports and ideas you can take on, and ways of encouraging activity in general
  • Community consultation – surveys, forums and reports on what the community thinks, and ways of assessing what the community wants
  • Cooperative use of community resources – examining potential areas of conflict between different uses of resources such as cars and people, walkers and bikes, bikes and dogs, commercial interest and community interest
  • Box Hill Activity Centre developments – planning issues related to the Box Hill Municipal Activity Centre and Transit Interchange and how they affect Active Transport modes.
  • Local Whitehorse developments – localised planning and resource use matters which can have an impact on Active Transport
  • What’s happening elsewhere – interesting reports and information about how the wider world is dealing with Active Transport matters