Active Transport for health and happiness

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Declining trust in government

Four things Local Councils should do right now.

Trust in government is collapsing.  A drop from from 45% to 37% last year, reflects our doubt in governments’ capacity to deal with the biggest challenges we face, such as climate change and inequality.  It also demonstrates we are experiencing politics as something external to us, increasingly handed down by establishment elites from above.

The following ink gives some excellent IDEAS to answer the question…

 “What can councils do become trusted institutions in their communities?”

WATAG believes that local councils’ Active Transport aims in particular would benefit from:

  1. Having collaborative discussions and by supporting participatory networks
  2. Doing things. Having lots of surveys and strategies sitting on a shelf doesn’t mean anything has actually been done.
  3. Having a vast community of real-time experts in the community which are not utilised fully (if at all)
  4. Facing the future head-on and openly talking about what needs to change

How are things in Whitehorse?

Whitehorse Council developed a Community Engagement Framework in 2014.
Note: The Council website has been redeveloped since then so if the above link no longer works, view the document here.
It’s unclear whether this was adopted as official Council policy.
It’s an excellent framework to begin with, however there’s more work to be done.

WCI PerformanceThis graphic is taken from the Know Your Council website with the data being for the 2017-2018 year.

It shows that Whitehorse is very similar Councils and to all other Councils as well, and that ALL of them could do much better.

WATAG hopes to engage with Council at a much deeper level than in the past.
We hope that Active Transport becomes far more “normal” in Whitehorse, as a result of the needs and expectations of the whole community being considered.

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Get Active and have YOUR say – AGAIN

Your chance to have your say about:

  • Shared path linking Box Hill to Blackburn

Laburnum path choice

Shared path linking Box Hill to Blackburn

Learn about ALL the options, not just the ONE option VicRoads wants you to think about.

Have your say now!

VicRoads have consistently proposed a single solution for a shared path through Laburnum Park beside the station at the western end of the missing link in this route. And they have similarly only presented a single solution to the eastern end at Blackburn Station. Their Community Consultation about this route has simply been to propose this route and ask for comment.

It is rare in life that there is only a single solution to a problem so WATAG has developed some alternatives for community consideration.

The plan above shows two far better alternatives for Laburnum Park, and has proposed an alternative way for the route to approach Blackburn Station.

Check out the document below for further details.

Now for the most important part…

VicRoads are holding two more Community Consultation meetings:

Wednesday 30 October

  • Session 1 time: 2-4pm
  • Session 2 time: 6-8pm

Location: The Avenue Uniting Church, Cnr Blackburn Road & The Avenue, Blackburn

If you would like to register your support for the WATAG proposals, please attend one of these meetings and tell VicRoads. It is important that they know what you really think.

WATAG has also briefed Whitehorse Council about these proposals. To show Council what your views are, please email your thoughts to General Manager City Development, Jeff Green.

 Click here: Get Active and have YOUR say about Box Hill too!


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Get Active and have YOUR say

Your chance to have your say about:

  • Box Hill Integrated Transport Strategy
  • Shared path linking Box Hill to Blackburn

BoxHillBox Hill Integrated Transport Strategy

Have your say now!

Whitehorse Council wants YOUR feedback  on five key areas of focus they have identified are of concern to most people.

  • Safety of the area
  • Parking
  • Connectivity between different transport services
  • Walking and cycling
  • Streets and public places.

They have developed short discussion papers for each area which are very interesting and informative.

WATAG highly recommends you read these papers, and then answer the ‘quick poll’ and the more detailed survey.

 Click here: Get Active and have YOUR say


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Active Transport at Any Age


The concept of Cycling Without Age is taking elderly people out for bike rides in specially built trishaw bikes piloted by volunteers. The bike rides are free of charge and only require a reservation beforehand.

That’s #Active Transport at any age!

Here’s a YouTube link to a TED Talk:

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Another reminder for you about Active Transport and how healthy it is for all.

Read the latest “Active Whitehorse News” click here

Read about bollards that have disappeared, special people and special bikes, why walking to school is best, and much more. Check it out at

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A Spring Festival – just for you!


Whitehorse Spring Festival Sunday 20th October 10am – 4:30pm. Whitehorse Rd Nunawading.

The Whitehorse Spring Festival attracts a very big crowd each year because it’s great fun for the whole family.

WATAG will again have a stall to  provide information about the benefits of #ActiveTransport. Leave the car at home and ride your bike to the Festival. Bring the whole family too!

Make sure you come and say hello – we’d love to see you and have a chat.

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