Kid and Family Friendly towns

Deliberate design works!

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Too much of a good thing?


Walk, ride or scoot this October!

Walk to School 2018 runs from the 8th of October through to 2nd November.

Check out and leave the car at home…but not just for the month…make it permanent!


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Bike Parking. A chicken or egg problem?

If cyclist-friendly cities like Copenhagen can offer abundant and conveniently sited parking space for bikes, why not Australian cities? Grey Geezer/Wikimedia, CC BY-SA

The problem isn’t dockless share bikes. It’s the lack of bike parking

Glen Fuller, Gordon Waitt, Ian Buchanan, and Nicolas Ozolins

It’s a local government truism that Australian city dwellers care about only three things – rates, rubbish and parking. They want lower rates, the freedom to turf out as much trash as they like, and convenient free car parking. The arrival of dockless share bikes set these atBlog Poststitudes towards parking and rubbish on a collision course.

Dockless bike sharing was quickly embraced as a neat solution to a complex urban transport problem and then just as quickly condemned as a blight on the landscape. Its key advantage over its docked competitor turned out to be its key weakness in the Australian market.

Read the entire article from The Conversation here.

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Happiest Children

Why are Dutch children the HAPPIEST and healthiest on earth?

Around 75% of 12 – 16 year old Dutch children ride to school.

C’mon Australian parents … stop driving your kids to school and let them be healthier and happier too.

And a plea to local councils – don’t just support the once a year Ride-to-School day and a few other isolated “special occasion” days to be active, make a concerted effort to get the majority of children riding to school EVERY DAY!

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Active is BE$T

Total cost to society per commute

Coburg to Melbourne CBD
Source: Deloitte Access Economics
The Age today reports that Deloitte Access Economics research…
“modelled a journey from Coburg to Flinders Street Station via car, train and bicycle and found – after taking traffic congestion, accidents and other impacts into consideration – that the car trip costs society nearly twice as much as the train trip, and 19 times more than riding a bike.”
Not much more to be said really… the conclusions are obvious.


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Good for Busine$$

The $$ benefits of walking and cycling friendly streets

This report explores the economic benefits of making streets more walking and cycling friendly.
It looks at case studies from around the world showing that catering for pedestrians and cyclists provides increased business and vitality that is better for business than catering for more cars.

The report has shows that:
• A high proportion of all retail expenditure comes from local residents and workers.
• Space allocated to bicycle parking can produce much higher levels of retail spend than the same space devoted to car parking.
• Many car-borne shoppers are “drive-through” shoppers, stopping to pick up one item on the way to their eventual destination, rather than people for whom shopping is their main purpose for visiting the area.
• Whilst it is difficult to estimate the value of non-drive-in spend for main streets, it is always bigger than we think.
• Retail vitality would be best served by traffic restraint, public transport improvements, and a range of measures to improve the walking and cycling environment.

WATAG believes that this message needs to be broadcast loudly to all involved in planning for a super-sized Box Hill.

With many more people living in Box Hill this will lead to big retail and service industry opportunities. The shopping Centre owner – Vicinity – recognises this, which is why it has plans to spend $1 billion to turn its complex into a Chadstone- like major “town-centre” type of shopping experience  – to not only cater for new residents, but to people from then entire region.

The Business Community of Box Hill deserve an integrated Box Hill CBD environment which will bring them maximum benefit. And visitors deserve a vital and refreshed Active Transport friendly environment to enjoy.

Click to download the report

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Superhighways and Quietways

London aims to match Amsterdam and Copenhagen

This short film shows how, with foresight and resolve, city leaders and planners can start to turn a car-centric city like London into  a place for people rather than cars.

We have made good progress too…if you live in the inner- Melbourne area.

In the suburbs we need to replicate London’s Quietways with speed limits of 30km/hr, and street marking and minor infrastructure changes to match. We’ve made a start in Yarra City.

Why is there so much resistance in places like Whitehorse and other middle and outer suburbs?

Whitehorse has a plan for many EasyRide routes across the city. But THREE years from initially planning this idea, the first one has only just got into the budget. At this rate it will be decades. Can we wait that long?

Let’s take a leaf out of London’s book and really make a difference. Let’s make a big commitment in the next Whitehorse budget to get this job done much sooner.

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