Box Hill’s Future – a Pictorial View

Where is Box Hill Headed?

Development MapYou will be interested (and probably quite amazed) at the number of developments in Box Hill currently in the planning stage or under construction. A population increase for Box Hill of up to around 10,000 people in the next few years, is now almost guaranteed – making it the biggest metropolitan activity centre after the City of Melbourne.

Click here (or the map) for a larger view and a chart showing all the individual developments. And this is already two months out-of-date!

Where is the planning to ensure that these new residents (together of course with all the existing “locals”)  will have an urban centre which is built to enable them to move around freely and enjoy their urban environment?

And this problem will only be added to by the increased business visits to the area as a result of the increased resident population, PLUS the totally unknown, but potentially VERY SUBSTANTIAL effect of the increased traffic heading to and from Box Hill when the planned North East Link is built.

Talk or write to your local Whitehorse Councillors if you are concerned. If they hear nothing, they’ll assume everything is OK, and perhaps do nothing!

Check on the background to Box Hill’s Development – click here.

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A New Bridge at Last?

Walmer St Bridge to be replaced…


… we all hope!

Years of campaigning by the Walmer Street Bridge Coalition (comprising Yarra and Boroondara Councils, Walmer Street Action Group, Collingwood and Abbotsford Residents Association (CARA), the Yarra and Boroondara Bicycle User Groups) migh now have paid off.

The local Member and Minister for Planning Richard Wynne said at a support rally on Saturday 4th August 2018, said: “We’re delighted to announce funding for a detailed business case and design process for Walmer St Bridge – a critical piece of community infrastructure.”

Mr Wynne announced a $200,000 scoping study and business case for upgrading the century-old Walmer St Bridge in Richmond, and said he wanted the study finished in time to include provision for the work in the State’s 2019/2020 budget.

“We’re looking forward to getting both councils and community engaged in this important work.”

The Opposition and the Greens MP’s spoke in support of the project too.

Here’s hoping that all the hard work by the Walmer Street Bridge Coalition will finally pay off.

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Is Melbourne’s Transport Future On-Track?

A recent announcement: “Turnbull Government investing $475 million to build transformational Monash Rail”

Why  invest in yesterday’s technology?

For a decade or more now, Canary wharf in London has been serviced very successfully by a totally driverless train. However the world has moved on, and the concept of driverless is far more advanced, and is now combined with “trackless”. The costs of building the infrastructure for a trackless tram system is in the order of 1% of the cost of dedicated track systems.

After you’ve looked at the video above, ask the question, “Why can’t we do this in Melbourne  – especially on ALL of the major arterial roads & freeways including NEL the Eastern Freeway, and the route past Monash?”

In case you think this is all way in the future, please check out these links too.

Time for a discussion with your local MP?

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North East Link Strategic Bike and Walking Routes

We need to get this right before it’s set in concrete!

WATAG is represented on the NEL Community Technical Discussion Group (CTDG) – walking & cycling. The next meeting of this group will discuss “Lessons Learnt” from Victorian, interstate and overseas projects, and community values such as safety, privacy, user interaction and accessibility (or lack of it).

Previous experience in Blackburn …

(Click here to read the full article – which includes presentations from Boroondara BUG and WATAG)

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Lundgren Chain – it’s time to link it up!

In April 1964, a local paper “The Good Neighbour” reported: “Swedish-born Ernest Oscar Lundgren, Mayor … of Box Hill, is truly a man of community spirit.”  Some years later the Lundgren Chain Reserve was named in his honour.

In 2007 the Whitehorse Open Space Strategy (p.193) noted that “The Lundgren Chain Reserve is the only Neighbourhood park [in the area] and is linear open space which almost connects to Gardiners Creek”. Recommendations were made to complete this link.
The word “almost” used in the above description is very significant, because 11 years later  – the park is still incomplete.

WATAG believes the time has come … (click to read the full article)

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Connecting up the Gardiners Creek Trail

Crossing Burwood Hwy near Deakin Uni. is a problem for all.

Why is Burwood Hwy – Elgar Rd intersection a barrier to both cyclists and pedestrians?

  1. BurwoodHwy - pedsTraffic islands are very small and do NOT allow several bikes to safely store. They  do not co-accommodate other users (pedestrians, wheel chairs etc).  Hence there is a high risk of users falling or projecting out onto roadway.
  2. Poor level of Service from Traffic Signals: Delays – crossing takes 2 to 3 cycles.
  3. The widths of thBurwoodHwy - bike trailere cross walks are substandard – being only 1.8 to 2.4m wide. They are less than the desirable 3.0m minimum width for a bicycle path.
  4. The cycle route through the intersection does NOT allow maneuvering for all
    types of bikes eg tandems, tag – along bike, cargo bikes and recumbent bikes.

Read more here for the solution.




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New Active Transport Link at Southbank

Melbourne City Council is about to transform Southbank Boulevard and Dodds Street

Construction of the first stage of the Southbank Boulevard and Dodds Street Concept Plan will start in July 2018.
The transformation of Southbank Boulevard and Dodds Street will create 2.5 hectares of new public space in one of Melbourne’s most densely populated suburbs.
The Concept Plan, adopted by Council in 2017, outlines a new vision for Southbank that will:
  • create 2.5 hectares of new public open space;
  • prioritise pedestrians, public transport and cyclists;
  • deliver a new, accessible tram stop on Sturt Street;
  • enhance the gateway into the Arts Precinct;
  • create a living link, connecting the Domain Parklands to the Yarra River;
  • create a ‘Melbourne Experience’ for Southbank;
  • build a new civic square for the precinct;
  • deliver a series of new neighbourhood parks for the community.
Located in the heart of Melbourne’s Arts Precinct, this project will transform this once busy street into one of Australia’s most pedestrian-friendly places. It recognises the rich history and stories of the site and it is based on extensive community and stakeholder engagement.


Click for the full MCC bulletin: Southbank-Boulevard-Bulletin-June-2018


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