2017 Active Transport Survey

The  survey results

The survey closed on 30th November 2017.

With 274 people responding to the survey, it will take a while to analyse the results, but a preliminary quick look shows the following:

Male 55%, Female 45%
Ages: 12 or under 1%; 13-39 23%; 40-59 46%; 60-79 28%; 80 and over 2%

Around 50% of people answered Question 23: “Are there any comments you’d like to make about Active Transport in general, or about this survey?” Many people were complimentary about WATAG’s aim to increase Active Transport and liked the survey. You can read the comments by clicking here.

Thanks to all for participating and making valuable comments.

Check back here again later in December when  we hope to have a full report about the survey.

The result of the draw from those participating –  to win a bike.

Jordan with bikeCongratulations to Jordan Esh of Blackburn

Jordan is 18 and has just finished year 12 at Box Hill High School. He hopes to study engineering at university in 2018.

He is an Active Transport advocate and walks and rides regularly to school and the shops.
His new bike may even give him the incentive and the chance to ride to university.