Cooperative use of community resources

Dog walking in Whitehorse


Wikipedia reports that  “A study by Michigan State University showed that people who walk their dogs are 34% more likely to meet expected levels of exercise…”

Click for the Wikipedia Dog Walking page.

An emphasis on being active in order to improve health outcomes for the community is what WATAG is all about.

The rules relating to dog walking in Whitehorse – where can you walk with your dog, and whether a lead is required – are set out in the Domestic Animal Management Plan. Whitehorse is currently developing its plan for 2017-2021 and asked for public comment.

dog and bikeUnrestrained dogs can cause serious injury to bike riders in particular if they cross the path of a cyclist. Walkers – particularly children and less able people in the community, also often feel threatened by unrestrained dogs approaching them. Dog owners sometimes get upset if cyclists complain about their dogs not being on a lead.

WATAG is keen to ensure that all users of public space are able to enjoy themselves without fear of injury or unwanted approaches by dogs. WATAG has asked Whitehorse Council to

WATAG wrote to Whitehorse Council in July 2017 requesting that Council extend an invitation to WATAG to provide a representative for membership of the Domestic Animal Management Advisory Committee for the duration of Councilʼs new Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-2021.