Connecting up Gardiners Creek Trail

Crossing Burwood Hwy near Deakin Uni. is a problem for all.

Why is Burwood Hwy – Elgar Rd intersection a barrier to both cyclists and pedestrians?

  1. BurwoodHwy - pedsTraffic islands are very small and do NOT allow several bikes to safely store. They  do not co-accommodate other users (pedestrians, wheel chairs etc).  Hence there is a high risk of users falling or projecting out onto roadway.
  2. Poor level of Service from Traffic Signals: Delays – crossing takes 2 to 3 cycles.
  3. The widths of thBurwoodHwy - bike trailere cross walks are substandard – being only 1.8 to 2.4m wide. They are less than the desirable 3.0m minimum width for a bicycle path.
  4. The cycle route through the intersection does NOT allow maneuvering for all
    types of bikes eg tandems, tag – along bike, cargo bikes and recumbent bikes.

The VicRoads proposal is simply to:

  1. Provide bike signal lanterns on the eastern cross- walk
  2. Provide a zebra crossing from Footpath to south-east island
  3. Provide ‘green painted’ treatment across the Hungry Jacks driveway
  4. Widen the footpath on east side of McIntyre Road

The objectives of safe (both real and perceived safety) and functionally efficient crossing
for all users, and a demonstration of an awareness of the key issues for cyclists crossing at this location are not met by this solution.

WATAG Proposal

Provide a safe crossing at the Holland Ave/Burwood Hwy intersection.

There is curreHolland Avently NO provision for non-car users to cross either road at this intersection.

This will require:

  • An upgrade of the traffic signals to include pedestrian and bike lanterns for both north/south and east/west crossing, and appropriate re-timing of the light sequences.
  • Appropriate road and path markings, including green surfaces where necessary
  • Paths to be provided/upgraded o connect the existing trail – both north and south – to the new crossing point.


This alternative crossing at Holland Avenue will:

  • provide a far safer crossing for pedestrians and cyclists
  • provide a  better and more convenient connection for students at Deakin Uni and residential communities on the south side of  Burwood Hwy

WATAG Recommends that the City of Whitehorse and VicRoads urgently discuss this alternative before work commences at Elgar Rd, and adopt this as the preferred solution.