North East Link plans & developments

North East Link Strategic Bike and Walking Routes

We need to get this right before it’s set in concrete!

WATAG is represented on the NEL Community Technical Discussion Group (CTDG) – walking & cycling. The next meeting of this group will discuss “Lessons Learnt” from Victorian, interstate and overseas projects, and community values such as safety, privacy, user interaction and accessibility (or lack of it).

Previous experience in Blackburn … (Click here to read the full article – which includes  presentations from Boroondara BUG and WATAG)

Has the Concrete already been Ordered?

nela-logo-header Unfortunately there is a grave danger that the concrete truck has already been ordered.

What promised to be a collaborative community consultation is steadily proving to be just another PR job (more cleverly executed than other recent examples), where participants are led to believe that community input can actually make a difference. Whereas is seems that the reality is that the plans are virtually already decided, and there is very little (if any) scope to include walking and cycling infrastructure that will make a substantial difference to the community.

WATAG has representatives on the NEL Community Technical Discussion Group – Walking & Cycling (CTDG) together with Boroondara Bug, Institute of Traffic Engineers, adjacent Councils, and other concerned community groups in the area.

At a recent CTDG meeting, a majority of community representatives spoke to the need to do more for Active Transport. But NEL representatives made it very clear that “this is a ROAD Project” and that the only requirement in relation to Active Transport was “not to make things worse”.

It seems that changing any of the design requirements to ensure that Active Transport will get the same kind of first class result that motorists can expect, is totally wishful thinking. Two community representatives left the meeting early out of frustration…

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