What’s happening elsewhere

Monash Integrated Transport Strategyclick here to read

A very prescient comment made by a Whitehorse resident after reading the above. Interesting….i get frustrated with our integrated transport around here and it isn’t just council…Box Hill…sigh, bus and train…road crossings….bike access….I’ll be dead by the time that mess is sorted out and the shopping centre sorted…Vicinity (the shopping centre lessees) are working away, state gov is saying its too hard until Vicinity tell us what they are doing…people just want to get around easily, by varied convenient modes, I think too many are gun shy of all the disruptive technology change that is concurrent and might strand investments…we know foot, bike, train tram and bus and going to live on.

WATAG totally agrees and hopes all involved can be much more proactive about this.

Auckland scores well with increased Active Transport participation

Click here to read how Auckland Transport has gone about Measuring and Growing Active Modes of Transport. They have been very successful in increasing the cycling participation rate in particular. A very interesting report to read.

Auckland Transport  looked at:

  1. Current behaviour around active modes of transport
  2. Understanding the barriers and levers to behavioural change
  3. Targeting population groups to drive behavioural change
  4. Bringing it all together

Points 1. and 2. form the basis for the current WATAG 2017 Active Transport Survey. WATAG hopes to work with Council and the community to use this data to follow up with points 3. and 4, over the next few years.

Hopefully we in Whitehorse can be as successful as Auckland in measuring and growing Active Transport in Whitehorse.