Activity, Safety and the Law


Living on a safe street

We’d all like to live on a safe street. A place where you can walk, the kids can play, and where it’s safe to ride a bike.

What makes a street safe, that’s the question? The simple answer is to make them “people friendly” rather than giving preference to cars.

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Bike Safety

A Metre Matters


Click the above heading for information on why a Metre Matters, where in Australia this rule is already established, and the necessity to have Victoria join with the rest of Australia.

BikeSpot Safety

BikeSpot 2020 received over 31,000 submissions (spots, comments and ‘likes’) overall in the 2 month period between 31 March 2020 and 31 May 2020. This is an increase of 260% from of the BikeSpot project conducted back in 2016.

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The law

Victorian Road Rules.

Its important to know your rights, limitations and obligations as a pedestrian or cyclist. Here’s a link to the detailed Road Rules .

For bikes

The rules have been summarised below by the Victorian Law Foundation

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For Walkers


Victoria Walks has excellent resources including this summary of how the law works for pedestrians.