Local Whitehorse developments

Forest Ridge Draft Development Plan

site planThe 9 hectares of land formerly occupied ATV-0 studios at Forest Hill at the corner of Springvale Rd and Hawthorn Rd is slated to become a new estate called Forest Ridge.

Details of what was proposed to Whitehorse Council can be seen at:

Forest Ridge Draft Development Plan

WATAG believes that Active Transport opportunities are most effective if incorporated into the design phase of projects. Accordingly WATAG made a submission commenting on the draft plan.   Forest Ridge Development-WATAG Submission July 2017

Connecting up Gardiners Creek Trail

Crossing Burwood Hwy near Deakin Uni. is a problem for all.

Why is Burwood Hwy – Elgar Rd intersection a barrier to both cyclists and pedestrians?

  1. BurwoodHwy - pedsTraffic islands are very small and do NOT allow several bikes to safely store. They  do not co-accommodate other users (pedestrians, wheel chairs etc).  Hence there is a high risk of users falling or projecting out onto roadway.
  2. Poor level of Service from Traffic Signals: Delays – crossing takes 2 to 3 cycles.
  3. The widths of thBurwoodHwy - bike trailere cross walks are substandard – being only 1.8 to 2.4m wide. They are less than the desirable 3.0m minimum width for a bicycle path.
  4. The cycle route through the intersection does NOT allow maneuvering for all
    types of bikes eg tandems, tag – along bike, cargo bikes and recumbent bikes.

Click here for the solutions.

Lundgren Chain – it’s time to link it up!

In 1964, the local paper reported: “Swedish-born Ernest Oscar Lundgren, Mayor … of Box Hill, is truly a man of community spirit.”  Some years later the Lundgren Chain Reserve was named in his honour.

In 2007 the Whitehorse Open Space Strategy (p.193) noted that “The Lundgren Chain Reserve is the only Neighbourhood park [in the area] and is linear open space which almost connects to Gardiners Creek”. Recommendations were made to complete this link.
The word “almost” used in the above description is very significant, because 11 years later  – the park is still incomplete.
WATAG believes the time has come to truly honour the spirit of Cr Lundgren, and give the community in the area the open space it needs as spelt out in the 2007 Strategy.


Read the recent WATAG submission to Council shown below.  If you agree, we suggest you let Council know. Click here to email them at info@whitehorse.vic.gov.au