Whitehorse Council Election Candidates

Postal voting is compulsory

To enable voters in the 2020 Whitehorse Council Elections to know something about the policies of candidates, WATAG has asked each candidate to fill out a survey.

A copy of the survey questions is shown at the foot of the page.

Candidate names are shown below under each Ward.

Names are highlighted when a response has been given.
Click a name to read a response. A new window will open which can be zoomed via the + and – icons for easier reading. Note that the type size is small because responses are a direct copy from the independent survey site, and they chose the font size!
If no response has received yet, there will not be a link. Maybe check back later.

If you are unsure of your Ward, please check here. (A map will open in a separate window).
Note that Victorian Electoral Commission will mail ballot papers to you from 6th October 2020, and your ballot paper will tell you the Ward and give candidate names.

Candidate names and contact information is taken from the Victorian Electoral Commission website.

Survey responses

Candidates answered a simple questionnaire and provided a statement to the VEC when nominating. These can be seen via this link. Look for two separate links at the VEC site. One to the questionnaire answers and another for the Candidate statements.

WATAG survey results are shown below. A summary is provided to show what most candidates think and individual responses are shown below that for each candidate.

A majority of candidates participated in the survey. They were happy for voters to know their values. (Some were very happy at WATAG’s action to inform the community.)
Others were obviously unimpressed at being asked to say what they think, and disappointingly, three out of nine retiring Councillors who are re-contesting, didn’t answer the survey. And two new contenders wrote and said they didn’t want to participate

CROWAG also conducted an online survey with questions framed in a different way Please visit www.crowag.com to see how candidates replied.


Click here to see a summary of all candidate responses

Individual responses

Check under your Ward name for links to each candidate response.

* These candidates did not responded to the invitation to participate
** These candidates have elected not to provide any information.












Survey questions asked

This is a .pdf copy of the survey pages candidates were asked to complete. Use the scroll-bar on the right to scroll through the document. Using + or – will enlarge or reduce document size shown.