Planning for Active Transport

Safer and more vital cities.

Register now for a meeting on Tuesday 20th November,  to discuss how YOUR city can be safer and more vital. See below for details.

A recent post advised of the new book Building the Cycling City by Chris & Melissa Bruntlett from Modacity.com9781610918794

This book should be compulsory reading for all Australian urban planners and city councillors. It’s about much more than just cycling – it’s about how the Dutch blueprint for Active Transport infrastructure to build urban vitality, CAN be translated and used in car-clogged US and Australian cites too.

The authors were the keynote speakers at the recent Australian Walking and Cycling Conference in Bendigo.

Chris & Melissa are giving a presentation and launching their book in Melbourne. If you have anything to do with planning for a safe and vital city, register now to attend.

When:  6:00pm, Tuesday 20 November

Where: Bicycle Network Melbourne HQ, Level 4, 246 Bourke Street, Melbourne, 3000

Register Here

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