Bikes Get the green light

Groningen: Green Phase for Cyclists from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.
The Dutch create places with a difference … and their ideas actually work!
We should try these ideas too. @VicGovDot and @vicroads should work with suburban councils to try this.

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2 Responses to Bikes Get the green light

  1. alantonkin says:

    Wonder how it would work in our Aussie culture where bike riding is more of a lycra clad (none in the clip) recreational activity rather than transportational plus given the bike rage we already have between faster-slower riders on roads and shared paths. Where commuting to work for many, given the longer distances to work than Europe, is about speed and personal best times rather than a casual smell the roses relaxing ride hence our shared paths closer to the city where casual commuters interact with racing commuters can be dangerously terrifying at peak times especially if you are riding outs town not into town. Oh yes then there are the riding gangs euphemistically known as peletons, be they a social group on a shared path or a training group on Beach Rd. Dunno how they’d handle mingling in such a fashion at an intersection. I reckon like most things we have to find our own culturally/community relevant solutions cos what works in one town won’t necessarily work in an other in the same country, let alone in a different country. Just an observation.


    • WATAG says:

      Amazingly signal free intersections also work in a very different environment in Hanoi and other cities in Vietnam.
      We don’t have to follow what others do, but its always good to open our eyes to the best of what the world has to offer before we make our own solutions which are often compromised by vested interests and/or entrenched views.

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