A national approach is needed

Great promotional video from Chris Boardman.

Credit: Active Travel England

We need someone of the stature of Chris Boardman in Australia – someone with exposure and reach – to advocate for a BIG National solution to our car-problem too, so that Active Transport can become a national priority here too.
We have many of us advocating for this, but it’s receiving scant attention and, if budget allocations tell what their priorities are, it’s way down the list of things our national government sees as important.
We’d also love to have Safe Streets too, so our kids can walk to school and use their local streets with cars being the respectful visitors. And so our older folk and disabled friends can move around safely too.
We’d love 30km/hr to be a national norm for local street speeds as agreed in Stockholm in 2020 by over 130 nations and ratified later by the UN General Assembly
We’d love people here to treat cycling as so normal that they dress for the destination, not the journey. It means that the “special clothes” worn by sporting cyclists (often moving advertising lycra banners for their sponsors) are not required, and kids and others wearing lycra are not mistaken for the fast & furious cyclists who are more hardened to dangerous car traffic.

We need an ACTIVE TRAVEL AUSTRALIA and the funds to support it.

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