Crossing Blackburn Rd should be safe!

This section of State Highway in suburban Melbourne is 1.4km without a safe crossing. This forces parents with young children, elderly people, walkers and cyclists to cross the road at midway points without guidance. No other State Highways in this region have such an extended distance between safe crossing points.

The very popular crossing point of Blackburn Rd at Heath St and Alandale Rd Blackburn is 0.6km from the nearest safe controlled point at Canterbury Rd to the south and 0.8km from the next safe crossing point to the north at Railway Parade.  These are most unreasonable distances for people to travel to have access to a safe crossing point. Imagine if you are a wheelchair user!

The current small ‘refuge’ islands at Heath St and The Avenue give the impression that these are official crossing points. The illusion of safety is created, but this is inadequate because cars have no requirement to stop or watch out for people crossing.

Safe crossing points of Blackburn Rd at Heath St and The Avenue will enable all ages and abilities in the community to cross safely. Importantly, these are also vital crossings for children and parents going to and from kinder and multiple local primary schools.

Lots of people cross Blackburn Rd every day between Canterbury Rd and Blackburn Station. They are children and parents walking to & from kinder or school to avoid using a car and to ensure their children get additional exercise, and many are active community members moving between Blackburn Lake, The Avenue and Blackburn Creeklands.

Everyone of all ages should be able to cross with safety.

You can help by signing a petition. You will be joining with others in the community to ask the Decision Makers – Whitehorse City Council & Victorian Department of Transport (DoT) – to work collaboratively together to make these crossing points safe for people of all ages and ability.

Click this link to sign:

SPECIAL NOTE: When signing, please consider adding in your personal experiences of why a safe crossing is needed by choosing to fill in the box “I’m signing because…” . This gives our Decision Makers everyday accounts of those regularly trying to cross Blackburn Rd.
This REALLY helps!

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2 Responses to Crossing Blackburn Rd should be safe!

  1. David Ikin says:

    I believe that a Zebra Crossing at the safety island near Heath Street


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