Bicycles for Everyday Transport

Melbourne’s Transport Strategy Discussion Paper examines how bicycles can be used for everyday transport, and asks for input into the discussion.MelbBikeParticipation

A Bicycle Network article (1st May 2018) notes that “The City of Melbourne has called on the powerful business community to support and incentivise bike riding in Melbourne. It wants Melbourne to follow a campaign in London where big business strongly backed the roll out of a protected cycle lane network in central London”

The article goes on to say  “Other ideas include more road space for bikes to enable better lanes and intersections, more traffic calming, and a stronger culture of sharing and courtesy.”

The council also released a summary report “Near Market Research 2017” that examines the market for potential bike commuters into central Melbourne from adjacent municipalities and asks what infrastructure might get them riding.

Link to the Participate Melbourne – Transport Strategy  with some further very interesting links to topics you can comment on such as Emerging Technology and Walking.

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