Is Melbourne’s Transport Future On-Track?

A recent announcement: “Turnbull Government investing $475 million to build transformational Monash Rail”

Why  invest in yesterday’s technology?

For a decade or more now, Canary wharf in London has been serviced very successfully by a totally driverless train. However the world has moved on, and the concept of driverless is far more advanced, and is now combined with “trackless”. The costs of building the infrastructure for a trackless tram system is in the order of 1% of the cost of dedicated track systems.

After you’ve looked at the video above, ask the question, “Why can’t we do this in Melbourne  – especially on ALL of the major arterial roads & freeways including NEL the Eastern Freeway, and the route past Monash?”

In case you think this is all way in the future, please check out these links too.

Time for a discussion with your local MP?

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