Superhighways and Quietways

London aims to match Amsterdam and Copenhagen

This short film shows how, with foresight and resolve, city leaders and planners can start to turn a car-centric city like London into  a place for people rather than cars.

We have made good progress too…if you live in the inner- Melbourne area.

In the suburbs we need to replicate London’s Quietways with speed limits of 30km/hr, and street marking and minor infrastructure changes to match. We’ve made a start in Yarra City.

Why is there so much resistance in places like Whitehorse and other middle and outer suburbs?

Whitehorse has a plan for many EasyRide routes across the city. But THREE years from initially planning this idea, the first one has only just got into the budget. At this rate it will be decades. Can we wait that long?

Let’s take a leaf out of London’s book and really make a difference. Let’s make a big commitment in the next Whitehorse budget to get this job done much sooner.

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1 Response to Superhighways and Quietways

  1. alantonkin says:

    WATAG puts a good case for some action – 3 years and nothing on the ground. It is not a matter of the CoW not having the resources in staff, money and time. They have bucket loads but just chose to spend it, often without adequate transparency, or even over spend if a local MPs observations are correct, on things other then improving the cycling which would be accompanied by social, economic, environmental and health benefits plus improved liveability.


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