Riding Safely

You can help by being proactive about safety on a bike.

Lights and hi visibility clothing.

Research has shown a whopping 270% increase in driver recognition of a cyclist with a flashing rear light compared to without, while another study revealed a 33% decrease in accidents for cyclists equipped with daytime running lights.

Check out this report on a series of experiments to better understand how bicyclists can better be seen by drivers both during daytime and nighttime via the use of lights and high-visibility apparel.


Bicycle Network has conducted a study to review their policy regarding mandatory helmet laws in Australia and had an article about this in the latest In The Loop online magazine. They will announce their policy on 31st October.

Researchers at University of NSW have also very recently completed the following academic study Bicycle Helmets: Systematic Reviews on Legislation, Effects of Legislation on Cycling Exposure, and Risk Compensation.

Its quite a long paper of 130 pages, but the findings are summarised in the 3½ page  Executive Summary. It’s worth reading.


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