Box Hill – what’s coming!

Whatever is coming in Box Hill…it’s certain to be coming UP!

Vicinity proposes $2b Box Hill redevelopment – including suburb’s tallest tower

Vicinity’s proposal will include 3350 square metres of public space, a 48-level apartment building and 25-storey office

Vicinity Centres has unveiled plans and lodged the first permit applications for a $2 billion mixed-use redevelopment of its prominent Box Hill Central sites, in Melbourne’s east.

Affecting 5.5 hectares, the project will be identified by a 48-level tower, the suburb’s tallest, set to contain 366 flats, 7000 square metres of office area and ground floor retail which will open onto a revitalised Main Street.

Another building, a 25 storey, 42,000 sqm office, is mooted for part of the parcel beside Box Hill train station.

A 3350 sqm public space with a town square and Spanish Steps seating inspired amphitheatre is anticipated, too.

All up, some 250,000 sqm of structures, including a hotel and construction around the area’s transport network, is expected.

Vicinity also intends to make some infrastructure changes, specifically extending Main and Prospect streets to link with Clisby Court and Whitehorse Road – the latter, the suburb’s main commercial thoroughfare.”

Reproduced from – Article by Marc Pallisco

WATAG’s views have been made very clear to Whitehorse Council that whatever developments occur at Box Hill, the needs of the entire community for public space for movement, activity and recreation must be catered for first – not the need for cars!

Active Transport with people walking and cycling, and infrastructure which enables this to be done safely and in an environment which promotes it, is the only way to go for the future.

Major changes in town planning and public transport connectivity are hopefully coming to Box Hill in the near future. The development of a new Planning Scheme for Box Hill, the finalising of Council’s Box Hill Integrated Transport Strategy, and the forging ahead of the State Government’s Suburban Rail Loop with a major interchange planned at Box Hill, are all vital parts of an overall Active Transport future for Box Hill.

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