Box Hill’s Future – Have your say

Check what’s happening –

Vicinity has a Planning Application before Whitehorse Council to commence a major part of this development. WATAG has lodged a formal Objection with Whitehorse Council to try and ensure that vital Active Transport considerations are included in any plans that get approved.

Read the WATAG submission here.

We invite all concerned with trying to get better Active Transport outcomes from all developments in our local area – particularly future-shaping developments such as this one – to read the WATAG Objection and make your own submission to Council .

If you are VERY keen, you can read the Vicinity application via the Whitehorse Council planning site, and make your own judgement rather than following WATAG’s ideas. It will take one or two clicks to get you to a list of applications.

Then search for Planning Applications Nos – WH/2021/466, 476, 597 – Vicinity developments for Main Street Box Hill.

The more objections, the better informed Council will be about the community view.

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