No more lip please

It’s unfortunate that Council Officers are sometimes subjected to a bit of lip when their decisions lead to dissatisfied residents voicing their discontent. So it’s great to report that at Whitehorse Council action has been taken to ensure that in future there will be no more lip where in the past it’s been normal.

Over the last few years the Council has changed its design for the ramps from footpaths down to the road so they are smooth and without the dangerous lip that can trip up those less nimble on their feet, or can make a wheelchair very unsteady or even tip over. It’s been a very positive move.

The problem is that this message didn’t get through to the section of Council that issues permits and drawings for private driveway crossovers, and they are still being built with a lip like the one shown.

Until now that is!

It can be reported that a request has been circulated through Council departments asking that the drawing standards relating to driveway crossover design be changed.

So it’s no more lip from Council in Whitehorse, at least as far as driveways are concerned. Well done Whitehorse.

If you have cause to complain to Council, it’s recommended that you take the ‘lip’ out of it too and be nice. They are just doing their job.

Snap send solve logo

We’ve written before about the benefits of using Snap Send Solve to report things to Council.
Download Snap Send Solve here.

Whitehorse Council encourages people to use Snap Send Solve to send reports about hazardous or other reportable situations encountered while walking or riding. Refer to the Council website.

In most cases it usually does lead to a good result. And not only for Whitehorse Council.

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