Don’t just get on your bike – stay on it.

Have you or friends said “I used to ride but my balance isn’t what it used to be”? Or “I haven’t the strength to ride up hills any more” or maybe “I like riding with the group but I can’t keep up and it’s embarrassing.”  

Here’s a way to keep upright.

You’ve certainly heard about e-bikes, but what about e-trikes?

Many factors lead to a person giving up on  the life-long enjoyment of riding for errands or social activities.  Older people or those with limited mobility often progress to an electric mobility scooter without being aware of alternatives. A lifelong cyclist may well appreciate riding an e-trike so they can continue to be active while having all the advantages of a mobility scooter. Trikes were once shunned because of stability problems when cornering. But a new addition on the market of a luxury tilting e-trike from Kwolity, changes all that. You might say “it puts a new tilt on things”!

In March 2023 WATAG is planning a community event – an e-bike and e-trike Expo – to demonstrate practical alternatives for maintaining active transport for people not comfortable on two wheels or who have reduced power to cycle or reduced ability to walk.

People with reduced mobility or those who are less confident or comfortable on only two wheels may find a solution among the vehicles we aim to display.  We plan to display eBikes, e-Trikes, Tilting e-Trike and Recumbent Trikes and to enable you to test ride these.

Watch for details in the next edition of Eastsider News in February, and look for updates  at WATAG website . While you are there, register as a ‘subscriber’ so you get notification when WATAG’s bi-monthly newsletter is published.

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