Over 50’s Expo for e-bikes and trikes

There’s no need to register or book beforehand. Just come along,and register when you arrive*

Local enthusiasts who already ride non-standard two and three wheel bikes will be there to chat with you and let you see what’s available. And we’ll have bikes and trikes for you to test ride too.

PLUS look for the Special Offers.

E-bike specialists Sparque will have information about a range of packages to buy, salary package, lease or even rent for a month to really try out your new bike. AND a special try-before-you buy offer.

The local branch of 99 Bikes – one of Australia’s largest bike stores – are terrific advocates for e-bikes. They will be there with some bikes to try and to give advice.

Local specialist e-bike suppliers REV-Bikes will be there too with some bikes you may not have seen before

For instance you might not be familiar with this type of recumbent bike, let alone had a chance to see one in action. It’s like riding in an armchair!

You’ll be surprised at what’s available to help older folk who want to keep active but are a little unsure how to do this safely and in a way which meets their changing physical needs.

And there is academic research to supports the use of e-trikes and e-bikes as a way to help older people stay active. For example:

  1. A study published in the Journal of Transport & Health found that e-bikes can increase physical activity levels in older adults, particularly among those who are less physically active.
  2. A study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that e-bikes can have positive effects on older adults’ physical fitness and well-being, and can promote healthy aging.
  3. A systematic review published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research concluded that e-bikes have the potential to increase physical activity and reduce the risk of chronic disease in older adults.
  4. A study published in the journal “Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment” found that e-bikes can increase the level of physical activity among older adults and improve their mobility and independence.
  5. A study published in the “Journal of Transport and Health” found that e-bikes are a viable alternative mode of transportation for older adults, and can help to increase physical activity levels and improve quality of life.
  6. Another study published in the “International Journal of Sustainable Transportation” found that e-bikes can provide older adults with a more accessible and convenient form of transportation, which can lead to increased physical activity levels and improved health outcomes.
  7. Science Direct reported on “Physical activity of electric bicycle users compared to conventional bicycle users and non-cyclists” The study showed that •E-bikers take longer trips by e-bike and bicycle, compared to cyclists, •Physical activity gains from active travel are similar in e-bikers and cyclists.•Substituting all car trips with e-bike use leads to a g big gain in metabolic activity.• Transport modes substituted by the e-bike are still used frequently afterwards
  8. These studies suggest that e-bikes and e-trikes can be beneficial for older adults in Australia and provide evidence that supports their use as a way to help older people stay active. However, it is important to consider the specific needs and abilities of each individual before deciding to use an e-bike or e-trike, and to ensure that proper training and support are received for safe use.
    As a starting point. come to the EXPO!!

It’s important to note that while these studies suggest that e-trikes and e-bikes can be beneficial for older adults, more research is needed to fully understand their impact on this population and to identify best practices for safe and effective use.

This event is being run by WATAG in conjunction with Whitehorse City Council with support from bike suppliers, and local enthusiasts.

Note the date in your diary now and we’ll see you there!

(*We’ll need you to register your details so you can try out some of the bikes and trikes for yourself.)

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