Active Whitehorse News – August/September 2017

WCC Health Wellboing reportThe Draft plan is now available for comment.

It can be found at: Whitehorse Health and Wellbeing Draft Plan 2017-2021

Advocating the use of Active Transport to achieve health and wellbeing is the central  reason for WATAG’s existence. The article below about Cycling to Work shows that the health results for people who engage in very regular exercise are quite staggering.

WATAG supporters are encouraged to read the Draft and give feedback to Council.

The Laburnum-Blackburn section of the Box Hill to Ringwood shared use path – VicRoads  plans now revealed.

VicRoads emailed its recommendations for this section of the shared use path to people on its mailing list on 24th August and asked for comment by end August.

Unfortunately – even though the deadline for comment in 2 day’s time – the plans are not available online at the VicRoads site, but you can view them here:

VicRoads invites feedback by end August using this form: Laburnum Section Feedback Form.

Because of the impossible timeline, WATAG recommends you make a submission even if the deadline has passed!

The WATAG response to the plans is shown below:

Cycling to work: major new study suggests health benefits are staggering

Research has consistently shown that people who are less physically active are more image-20170417-12909-1ezk4ahlikely to develop health problems and die younger. Researchers from the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, University of Glasgow have published important findings from a broad, 5-year study on over a quarter of a million UK subjects in the prestigious British Medical Journal on active transport to work.

Key findings were:

  • Cycling to work was associated with a 41% lower risk of dying overall compared to commuting by car or public transport. (Note: This included the risks associated with cycling!)
  • Cycle commuters had a 52% lower risk of dying from heart disease and a 40% lower risk of dying from cancer. They also had 46% lower risk of developing heart disease and a 45% lower risk of developing cancer at all.
  • Walking to work was not associated with a lower risk of dying from all causes.
  • Walkers did, however, have a 27% lower risk of heart disease and a 36% lower risk of dying from it.

Click here to read a copy of the full article published in The Conversation.

Box Hill Transit Interchange

WATAG believes that the upgrade of the Box Hill Transit Interchange should be considered by all levels of government in conjunction with the development of Box Hill as a Municipal Activity Centre (MAC) –  Refer to Active Whitehorse News June/July.

The Box Hill Interchange Advisory Group Report was recently published. The Whitehorse Leader nicely summarised the report on 14th August 2017 – Stuck in the Slow Lane (click to read).  WATAG can only agree with Whitehorse Mayor Cr Denise Massoud that the upgrade is “vital”, and with the Public Transport Minister Jacinta Allan when she said that  the steering committee proposed will “give locals a voice”.

WATAG would like to secure a place at the new steering committee table to represent the community views on this important matter.

Infrastructure Victoria’s 30-Year Strategy


Victoria’s 30 year Strategy, as presented to Government, has some themes common to WATAG’s aims and objectives.

The strategy includes 137 recommendations covering all infrastructure sectors, health – education, justice services, water supply and transitioning to a cleaner energy future.

See the full strategy at – 
Key features of the 30 Year Strategy from a WATAG perspective are found in 3 of the 19 priority “Needs”  click here for details.

WATAG in the news recently

Following an article in Active Whitehorse News April/May 2017, WATAG Committee Member David Berry was interviewed by The Whitehorse Leader, and this article linked below was published on the front page on 12th June 2017: Tracking healthy habits.

WATAG’s submission relating to Box Hill’s development caught the eye of The Age. Committee Member David Morrison was interviewed and the article linked below was published on 29 July 2017:  Battle for Box Hill: Residents warn of slums as high-rise surge in hot market

Looking ahead…

  • A chance to have your say and maybe win a great 21 speed Hybrid City Bike just by telling us what you think. WATAG will launch an online survey in the next month (with a closing date of around end November) to find out what the Whitehorse Community thinks about Active Transport. We will ask for details of how much activity people engage in as part of their life, and what kinds of things might encourage to people participate more.
  • Look for the WATAG stall at the Whitehorse Spring Festival. We will showcase WATAG to the community and encourage people to enter the online survey too.

A special edition of Active Whitehorse News is planned for the end of September to launch the online survey and give more details about WATAG at the Spring Festival

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