Car culture hypocrisy

Some Tweets that may ring true for you.

Those that follow Twitter may know @TonyArnold74 and follow some of his interesting tweets. Here is a thread of his on the hypocrisy of car cultures
Note: these are Tony’s tweets and not necessarily the views of WATAG – but there again, most of them may be!

  • A person driving to the gym is a legitimate road user, but a person cycling to work is not.
  • Cars killing 150 pedestrians each year is due to pedestrian distraction, but bicycles killing 1 pedestrian every 5 years is due to reckless cycling.
  • Slowing cars to 30 km/h will impact on productivity, but bicycles traveling at 30 km/h are speeding irresponsibly.
  • A roads budget of $20 billion is action, but a cycling budget of $0.05 billion is extravagance.
  • A car squeezing past a bicycle is inconvenienced, but a person cycling past a car at traffic lights is a selfish jerk.
  • The colour of your car is your choice (despite dark cars being less safe), but people who walk or cycle should wear bright clothing.
  • Driving a car without a helmet is perfectly safe, but a a person riding a bicycle without a helmet has a death-wish.
  • Millions of free car parking spaces is inadequate, but bicycle lanes are a waste of space.
  • An inactive and unhealthy person should get free medical treatment, but an active and healthy person is a freeloader who should pay bike registration.
  • Driving children to school in a massive, lethal and polluting car is responsible behaviour, but cycling to school with children is irresponsible.
  • Motor vehicles need to be parked on every street to meet transport needs, but share bicycles are street clutter.
  • $150 million in cost overruns and several years of delay for a freeway megaproject thru the middle of a city is reasonable. A couple million tacked onto a bike project to address long-standing pedestrian safety and stormwater issues is a bloated bike project that serves no one.
  • Driving alone in a 2m wide car is fine but cyclists riding two abreast is crazy and selfish.
  • Locating a new road that reduces times for motorists between important services is a Great Leap Forward but having a separate dedicated bike lane to those same destinations is a non-starter.
  • Cycling while listening to music in headphones is dangerous. Driving inside a closed, sound isolated metal & glass box with a large stereo system blasting is perfectly safe & reasonable.
  • If bikes go too fast, you get some dangerous infrastructure ASAP. If cars go too fast, move all other users elsewhere.
  • A proposed short section of bike lane requires months of community consultation, whereas adding a $250,000 left turn bay does not.

Look up Tony if you’d like to add your own words of wisdom. Please don’t contact us!

If you’d like to follow WATAG tweets, look us up @WATAG10. Tweets are also shown on the right hand column of WATAG web pages.

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