More Skyrail please!

Be great for LXRA @levelcrossings to REALLY consider the benefits of SkyRail for Surrey Hills & Mont Albert rather than retreat to the supposed ‘security’ of a dividing trench being the ‘normal’ way of doing things .

Work hasn’t started so it’s not too late to admit you have it wrong!

A trench will only entrench the notion that walking & cycling come as an add-on rather than being a reason to do SkyRail so the community can reap all the benefits.

This article says it all.

@DanielAndrewsMP @JaalaPulford

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3 Responses to More Skyrail please!

  1. Peter says:

    This is great news to hear; SkyRail has a lot going for it. The rail line is no longer a barrier between communities. A linear park can be established underneath. The elevated rail structure has ‘sound walls’ that inhibit noise (most noise from rail comes from bogies and the motors which are at ground level) so residents will actually achieve a better outcome.
    Dan and LXRA should charter buses to take residents down to visit Skyrail in Caulfield to show the outcome down there and inform them of any concerns people may have.


  2. Ross says:

    Unfortunately I think the Surrey Hills and Mont Albert level crossings are near the top of a hill so it would make sky rail more difficult in these locations.

    But in general I agree, the majority of the Ringwood Line between Blackburn and Heatherdale is now in a big ugly trench and does not leave anywhere near as much open space as what has been left on the Dandenong Line.


    • WATAG says:

      Hi Ross.
      Sorry to take a while to get back to you.
      Actually Surrey Hills is very much at the bottom of a hill. Its a steep decline down hill from Canterbury Rd. How they will manage a major trench through this area without massively disrupting shops and local movement is hard to imagine.
      The community benefit of an open-space corridor underneath a SkyRail from Mont Albert Rd all the way going west down hill to Union Rd and further west beside Sunbury Cres to Robinson Rd is immense.


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