Connecting up the Gardiners Creek Trail

Crossing Burwood Hwy near Deakin Uni. is a problem for all.

Why is Burwood Hwy – Elgar Rd intersection a barrier to both cyclists and pedestrians?

  1. BurwoodHwy - pedsTraffic islands are very small and do NOT allow several bikes to safely store. They  do not co-accommodate other users (pedestrians, wheel chairs etc).  Hence there is a high risk of users falling or projecting out onto roadway.
  2. Poor level of Service from Traffic Signals: Delays – crossing takes 2 to 3 cycles.
  3. The widths of thBurwoodHwy - bike trailere cross walks are substandard – being only 1.8 to 2.4m wide. They are less than the desirable 3.0m minimum width for a bicycle path.
  4. The cycle route through the intersection does NOT allow maneuvering for all
    types of bikes eg tandems, tag – along bike, cargo bikes and recumbent bikes.

Read more here for the solution.




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