Are your parklands safe?

Parkland along the Koonung Creek is endangered.

If North East Link goes ahead, the proposed Eastern Freeway widening may have a disastrous impact on the parkland and shared paths beside the Koonung Creek between Bulleen Rd and Springvale Rd. It is likely that additional sections of the creek will be barrelled.

Whitehorse Council has called a Community Forum on Tuesday 11th September 2018 to get community input so they can try and develop an appropriate response to the planned works.

Whitehoerse NEL Forum

If you use the Koonung Creek parkland or Shared path between Bulleen Rd and Springvale Rd you should be concerned. WATAG suggests that you attend the Forum to hear some more information, and express your concerns.

The Whitehorse Council link is at:

The forum, to be chaired by Whitehorse Mayor, Councillor Andrew Davenport, will be an opportunity to learn more about the project and how it may impact the City of Whitehorse. See below about booking details.

Attendees will hear from:

  • Robert Clark MP, Member for Box Hill
  • Samantha Dunn, MLC, Member for Eastern Metropolitan Region
  • Dr John Stone, Senior Lecturer in Transport Planning, University of Melbourne
  • Michelle Giovas, Warringal Conservation Society and Friends of Banyule
  • Chris Trueman, Whitehorse Active Transport Action Group

The preferred alignment of the Victorian Government’s North East Link includes the widening of the Eastern Freeway between Bulleen Road and Springvale Road. The design of the widening works is still being developed, so the exact impacts on the Whitehorse community aren’t know at this stage but is likely to impact on the parklands along the Koonung Creek.

The forum is an opportunity for community members to hear a variety of views on the North East Link project and to ask questions of the speakers.  Your views will help Council advocate to the Victorian Government to get the best out of this project for our community.  This is timely in the lead up to the Victorian Government election in November 2018.

Forum details

Tuesday 11 September 2018
6.30pm – 8.30pm
Whitehorse Centre
Rear 379 Whitehorse Road Nunawading
Bookings essential

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1 Response to Are your parklands safe?

  1. Ria says:

    Sorry I am unable to make the meeting this evening.. I am well aware of the issue and am spiritually backing you.


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