Box Hill’s Future – a Pictorial View

Where is Box Hill Headed?

Development MapYou will be interested (and probably quite amazed) at the number of developments in Box Hill currently in the planning stage or under construction. A population increase for Box Hill of up to around 10,000 people in the next few years, is now almost guaranteed – making it the biggest metropolitan activity centre after the City of Melbourne.

Click here (or the map) for a larger view and a chart showing all the individual developments. And this is already two months out-of-date!

Where is the planning to ensure that these new residents (together of course with all the existing “locals”)  will have an urban centre which is built to enable them to move around freely and enjoy their urban environment?

And this problem will only be added to by the increased business visits to the area as a result of the increased resident population, PLUS the totally unknown, but potentially VERY SUBSTANTIAL effect of the increased traffic heading to and from Box Hill when the planned North East Link is built.

Talk or write to your local Whitehorse Councillors if you are concerned. If they hear nothing, they’ll assume everything is OK, and perhaps do nothing!

Check on the background to Box Hill’s Development – click here.

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